Mefo Sport - Super Explorer Rear Tyres - MFE99

Mefo Sport - Super Explorer Rear Tyres - MFE99

Mefo Super Explorer tyres are simply the best adventure tyres available.

Tyre Size:  

Model:  MFE-SXP-001-MED22
Brand:  MEFO Sport

These beasts are the daddies of adventure tyres. A more aggressive pattern than the smaller explorer tyres, and available in wider sizes.

They are regard by many as the best overland/adventure tyre available. Fantastic wear rates, even with the big powerful KTM's. Superb grip both on and off the pavement, they're the perfect choice for a long distance trip.

Tube type. Speed/load rated 70R, which corresponds to 170 km/h or about 105 mph. Load rated to 335 Kg.

MEFO do not produce a Super Explorer front tyre, and as such, they are usually pared with a Mefo Explorer, or if you're after a more off road focused combination, then the TKC80 or MT21.

This tyre is available in just two different sizes: 140/80-18" and 150/70-18".
We stock the Mefo fronts, as well as the TKC80 (in tube and tubeless) and the more agressive MT21.

There are three front tyres we recommend to match with the Super Explorer…

1.   Mefo Explorer (Great for mostly road, with light off-road. Not ideal for deep mud or sand, but lasts a really really long time, and gets great grip in asphalt)

2.   Pirelli MT21 (Much better if you’re doing a lot of off-road, or riding in mud/sand. More aggressive tread than the Explorer, doesn’t last as long but gets better grip on the loose stuff)

3.   Continental TKC80 (Highly regarded by many, a good balance of road and off-road ability. Wears pretty well, though it won’t last nearly as long as the Mefo. Good for a range of off-road surfaces)

All of which we have in stock, 99% of the time.

Please note the 150/70-18" tyre is not certified for highway use in Europe.

 140/80-18"  70R  105 MPH   €146.23 ( £123 )
 150/70-18"  70R

 105 MPH 

  €148.01 ( £123 ) 

Note: Prices correct on 02/02/12 @ 1 EUR = 0.84 GBP

   J  65 MPH  ( 100 KM/H )     S 113 MPH  ( 180 KM/H )
   K  69 MPH  ( 110 KM/H )      T 118 MPH  ( 190 KM/H )
   L  75 MPH  ( 120 KM/H )     U 125 MPH  ( 200 KM/H ) 
   M  81 MPH  ( 130 KM/H )     H 130 MPH  ( 210 KM/H )
   P  95 MPH  ( 150 KM/H )     V 150 MPH  ( 240 KM/H )
   Q  100 MPH  ( 160 KM/H )     W 168 MPH  ( 270 KM/H )
   R  105 MPH  ( 170 KM/H )     Z Over 150



Hi Gabe,

Just thought I would drop you a line to say that the Mefo Super Explorer tyres you supplied worked really well for our trip to Morocco and looked in fantastic shape even after 6,000 KM s, also the cycle pump was used daily for fixing punctures and blowing up an air bed of one of our hardened travellers !......... Top gear!

Cheers Russ


You may remember that I was off to Malta on the 990 and you kindly supplied the Mefo Explorers. Just thought I'd let you know that the tyres were superb for the round trip of about 3,900 miles and proved to be excellent value for money. They coped with everything, stretches of boring motorway on a few occasions to kill a few miles, gripped very well in the twisties and felt sure-footed on the hot, dry and rocky trails across Sicily. They were especially sound on the first day of 500 miles down through France in extremely wet and windy weather!

I really cannot fault them and will definitely order another pair when (if) these buggers actually wear out. They are a little squared off but when riding you don't really notice it at all. The only thing I would say is that they do whine a bit once over 75mph but to be honest that was my mate's observation as with earplugs and the general wind noise I couldn't hear a bloody thing ha ha!!

Anyway, I've attached a couple of photos in case they are of any use to you and would be quite happy if any of your prospective buyers want to drop me a line with questions etc. The close ups are of the tyres now with at least 4,000 miles hard wear.
All the best

Ray Skipp

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Great for green lanes as well as tarmac
Monday, 23 January 2017  | 

Fitted it on my ktm adventure 990 and really impressed how they behave on gravel tracks as well as other bypasses around Salisbury Plain. Really confidence inspiring on gravel. Only downside is that they clog up on wet mud, but it's reasonable for 70/30 tyre I should say

They would still be acceptable and stable on paved roads though.

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Monday, 2 January 2017  | 

I have done about 1000 miles on these tyres, mainly winter use on filthy lanes and forest tracks with a bit of quarry work. On the road these tyres cannot compete with the Pirrelli Scorpion MT90 AT but that's to be expected, however I have only had to back off a little and you can still get your 'boogie' on once you have dialled into their grip limit. Off road they are a big improvement and have a lowed me to tackle muddy conditions that the MT90 would just become scary on. I find on the KTM 990 Adv they will spin up, but if you go with it they do dig in and inspire confidence. I have paired these with the MEFO Explorer which for me works ok, but as other ridestinations have commented for more difficult conditions a more aggressive tyre would be better off road. Saying that I have to travel to get to the good bits and I also enjoy my road riding so for me it's an acceptable compromise. I run the front at 31 Psi and the rear SE at 37 Psi which works fine. I regularly get up to motor way speeds + and the tyres are rock solid with NO weaving or slipping in the wheel rim. Fitted with the usual amount of swearing and balanced myself. So far the wear rate very good with no signs of wear at all. No cracks or splits less the odd small chunk from doing a few slate climbs, very minor. On the whole very pleased, just don't expect the full on mad man road performance of the Pirelli MT90, which is a great all rounder and served me well, but had to go as my off road excursions were taking them places they were not meant to go. The SE is most definitely a better off road tyre and the penalty on road is small.
I will buy these again.
Ps - The service was mega! Tyres in 24hrs!

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MEFO Super Explorer
Friday, 16 December 2016  | 

My ride style is 10,000 miles average a year with 80% road and 20% Derbyshire trail/green lane on my KTM 990 Explorer, with a couple of annual European tarmac tours including something more gritty and hard packed. I thought Iíd try these MEFO tyres for the first time. Itís a little early to give comprehensive feedback but my first impressions are excellent. You never get absolutely everything in a tyre but these MEFO Explorer tyres appear to have a good off road tread very similar to Heidenau K60 and other bikers rate them as having the same or better grip than the Pirelli Scorpion, which I currently have fitted. Zen Overland had them on sale at what I though was good value for money. They seem as good as anything out there and as close to an ideal adventure tyre as you can get with a growing reputation. That about covers what I am looking for in a tyre; long life on tarmac, good wet grip and good traction when the surface is more challenging. I ordered a Super Explorer Rear and an Explorer front on the phone from Zen Overland late afternoon and they were at my front door in less than 24 hours Now thatís great service. I usually get 5 to 6,000 from my Scorpions so it will be interesting to see how they go.

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Quality company Quality tyres
Wednesday, 28 September 2016  | 

ZEN Overland is my go to one stop shop for all my adventure bike (KTM 950) needs selling quality products at good prices Gabe and Sam are excellent to deal with especially if you are on the road or off the road for that matter, they deliver their promises and never let me down.
This is my 3rd Mefo rear tyre can't see past them I've tried many combinations (having tried everything else) I find the wear to be very good and the grip predictable in all conditions Summer or Winter, I use the Mefo with heavy duty tubes ( French chalk them up) which allows me to run the tyre at lower pressures to prevent snake bite tube pinch on the rim when required and find the Mefo easy to spoon off and on. Covered thousands of miles on them plus I like the aggressive look.

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Mefo Sport
Monday, 25 July 2016  | 

Top quality tyre looks good and so far good grip. Top service plaesure to deal with

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Purchase of mefo super explorer rear and explorer front tyres
Monday, 31 August 2015  | 

Recently purchased the mefo tyres for my 990 adv. How impressed was I from the company- phoned for a bit of advice prior to purchase, it was a very knowledgable and helpful chap I spoke to- clearly knew his stuff. He had a no nonsense 'can do' attitude which was very refreshing in this day and age with customer service. The order was put in before mid day and tyres arrived following morning. Can't asked for a better service than that. Would def use this company again. Shame it's so far from me otherwise I'd be up there all the time! Highly recommended👍 tyres are the business too- very happy

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A Roads and light trails
Tuesday, 28 April 2015  | 

Good on A and B roads (all dry) and good grip on trails around the Brecons (all dry). Less likely to squirm overwhite lines than the D908 rear on road. As novice offroad riders the trails we tried were probably easy and these tyres coped very well with the conditions and our slow ham fisted pace/skills. Coupled with TKC80's front. Can only score 4 as no muddy conditions or wet road experience. Service from Gabe was excellent (Bikes KTM 690E)

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great service and delivery
Sunday, 1 March 2015  | 

fianally got out on the new tyres today. cold day 2.4c to 5c max, wet with wintery showers and 50mph gale force winds. Tarmac country lanes and bit of green laneing. Tyres never missed a beat. Very predictable. Best tyres i have ever fitted to the 990. megga fun all round. Would recommend to anyone.

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Mefo Sport - Super Explorer
Wednesday, 17 September 2014  | 

Very impressed with the Mefo's grip on the roads compared to the previous tyre brand which I used and found its better under wet conditions also a very useful off road tyre as long as its not too muddy
Would highly recommend Mefo

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Great tyre and service
Tuesday, 29 July 2014  | 

It was my second purchase from ZEN. In my opinion, this tyre is best for my KTM Adventure - or any big enduro bike one uses for travelling and light offroad from time to time.

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