• Zen Overland - KTM LC8 950cc - Complete SAS Removal Kit

    Zen Overland SAS removal parts - KTM 950cc Carb model bikes - Complete Kit

    Removing the SAS system removes over a kilo of unnecessary weight. It also reduces backfiring.

    Our beautifully CNC produced aluminium SAS block-off plates are black anodised to give them an extremely long lasting durable finish.

    This kit is specifically made up for the carb models (950cc engined bikes). These early KTM twins have a slightly different SAS system.
    If you have a single cylinder KTM or a KTM twin that is not 950cc, this kit is not the one you need.


    This kit contains:

      -   SAS block-off plates - Anodised black

      -   Stainless mounting bolts/washers (M5 and M6 provided)

      -   Airbox connection bung (this may be a short section of hose, and machined bung (as per the photo) or may be a high quality silicone blanking tube and hose clamp)

      -   Blue Silicone blanking caps and zip ties

      -  Black airbox grommets

      -  Small male blanking plug

    We believe our SAS removal kits are the highest quality available. They are made in the UK, we have sold hundreds of these kits, with extremely good customer feedback.

    What does the SAS system do?

    The SAS is an emissions system that injects clean air into the exhaust system. It works with the catalytic converter in the stock exhaust to reduce emissions gases. If you have upgraded your exhaust to an after-market system the SAS will have absolutely no emissions reducing effect.

    Why do so many people remove the SAS system?

    It causes back firing on deceleration, many say it affects performance, it adds weight, takes up space (making it harder to work on the bike) and it’s just another thing to potentially go wrong.

    In actual fact it warns in the repair manual that vibration can cause the SAS valve to fail!

    Benefits of removing the SAS system:

    Fixes the popping and back-firing on deceleration
    Reduces weight
    Frees up space in the engine area
    Makes it easier to work on the bike and carry out maintenance
    One less thing to go wrong

    Why buy the kit from Zen Overland?

    • We make these kits here in the UK, they are not bought in from China.
    • Free UK (Royal Mail second class) shipping, and upgrade to first class for 75p
    • High quality manufacturing and materials.
    • Support the British economy!
    • Fast delivery. Over 90% of orders placed before 4pm are shipped the same day.
    • No import tax

    Which KTM bikes is this kit compatible with? (All 950cc carb model KTM bikes)

    • 950 Adventure
    • 950 Super Enduro
    • 950 SuperMoto
    • 950 SM
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