• Motion Pro - T6 Combo Tyre Lever (Aluminium)

    These levers are just fantastic. They weigh a fraction of the steel ones most people carry, as tyre levers they perform far better than most, and they include a spanner!

    They are incredibly strong. I personally used these levers, on an 18 month world trip. I had over 50 flats in that time, and every single time I used these levers.

    In fact, I would say without a doubt, that these levers were the tool I would recommend most.

    They come in various sizes.

    The smallest two sizes have two spanner sizes in one, as the hex is deep enough to be stepped. One size hex on each side. (see photos)

    The smallest sizes also have a slightly different design, including a slight lip on the spoon end, making it easier to just catch the rim, and this helps prevent tube pinches when re-fitting the tyre.

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