KTM Clutch Oil Jet 0.5mm LC8 Adventure 950 990 RC8 - Stops Judder

The early KTM 950 Adventure bikes actually came with a blanking plug installed to prevent oil from using this route to get to the clutch plates. We had one of these bikes, and it was impossible to pull away from a stand still without the whole bike juddering violently. Installing one of these oil jets completely cured the problem, and the bike became a joy to ride.

Later bikes come from the factory with a 0.3mm clutch oil jet installed.

The size of the clutch oil jet has a significant impact on the way the bike rides, and how the clutch operates.
The larger the jet, the more oil is allowed to get through to the clutch plates.

A smaller jet makes the operation of the clutch more aggressive and gives less control. It also causes the clutch to run hotter. But it is easier to get the bike into neutral.
A larger jet is the opposite. A smoother clutch operation, cooler clutch running conditions, but slightly harder to get into neutral.

Most riders agree that a 0.5mm clutch oil jet is the perfect balance.

The 0.5mm jet gives more oil to the clutch components, meanign alonger life for clutch plates, and only a slight reduction in ease of finding neutral at idle.

The oil jet can also get clogged with small particles, and should be checked every 6k miles or so.
Having this slightly larger jet also helps reduce the chances of it getting blocked.

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